About Us

Brief Info About Satrover

The company, a small which is leading in the field of multimedia, has a portfolio of products divided into: portability, digital home and networks (marketing and development of CATV, IPTV, MATV and SMATV networks dedicated solutions for hotels, hospitals and residential complexes). The company also sells related to his concept of solutions "Connecting” a new ecosystem of leisure and entertainment products that allow users to enjoy their content anywhere in the home, and even out of it remote. One of the pillars and Satrover differentiators is its commitment to innovation and why the company invests 10% of its annual turnover in this activity and has its own R & D center in Istanbul.

Why Satrover

Our goal is to deliver complete solutions that enrich every aspect of customer engagement. 

  1. Satrover In World

    The company has its headquarters in Turkey, where the president and product departments are located, sales, marketing and customer service for Middle East, with offices in Saudi Arabia, China and Turkey. Our R&D are in Turkey, China and Lithuania. In just 6 years, it has a presence in more than 4 outlets of the leading retail chains in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Quality Through Avant-Garde Manufacturing

    In this era of globalization, most of the companies in the sector have decided to outsource manufacturing processes to reduce costs, but Satrover stays faithful to its industrial tradition: control the whole process at home, from design to manufacture. A successful belief that can be summarized as “Turkey technology”, the motto that anywhere markets associate straightforward with Satrover. Fully robotized production lines designed to minimize human error in an on-going technological renewal are the guarantee to the highest performance of our products. As we like to say in Satrover: Quality is manufactured, not controlled. Satrover leaves nothing to chance. We are proud of having developed the most complete post-production certification laboratory in the sector. Electromagnetic compatibility, electrical security, exposure to excessive heat and humidity and freezing temperature conditions. We perform extreme aging tests to componentry to validate the product behavior in the harshest environments. We even analyze exposure to earthquake simulations. We do not need to, but we leave no stone unturned.

  3. R&D Investment

    Our Research & Development Department is formed by a highly qualified team that works with the latest equipment to cope with any technical and technological challenge, always with the upmost respect to the environment.

    Technical development:  Responsible design.   

    More than 60 Telecom Engineers work in a scope of constant technological and regulatory changes environment. Therefore, we can provide markets with more suitable solutions than our competitors.

    It is not just design but product development. The R&D department is fully integrated in every manufacturing process within the company, controlling all the variables within the whole product cycle.

Customer Service

If you need assistance for any kind of information, please feel free to contact us anytime.  We would be more then happy to assist you.